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By: pixbyshumbles

Sep 04 2013

Category: September 2013


My fellow blogger, Aurora La Petite, has bee nominated for Best Blogpost for a piece on depression. Unfortunately Brazilian internet goblins are making it impossible for me to vote but I thought some of you might like to. Have a read…

Aurora La Petite

Blog Awards Ireland nomination


During my trip to Cambodia, the Blog Awards Ireland nomination lists were released. To my utter excitement, I have been longlisted for Best Photography Blog, Best Lifestyle Blog and Best Personal Blog, as well as having being nominated for Best Blogpost.

The post which was nominated for Best Blogpost was the post I wrote about depression earlier this year. Obviously it is a deeply personal post and it would mean so much to me if you could vote for it.

You can vote once a week on the Best Blogpost page (Aurora La Petite: Let’s Talk About Depression).


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2 comments on “Blog Awards Ireland”

  1. Voted, Sandra. Excellent piece. I went through it all a few years ago, found understanding difficult to find. “You’re just being negative” was the phrase that annoyed and upset me the most. I finally got help through psychotherapy. Within 18 months I was ‘me’ again, and thankfully, have never looked back. I won’t ever forget that hopelessness, at a time in my life when all seemed well, and am forever grateful that I persisted until I got the help I needed to find my way back to my own road again. Many thanks for reminding me how lucky I have been and for giving me a chance to vote on this.

    All the best! Frances

    • Oh I’m very glad you came out of that Frances. Disheartening that you received little recognition or understanding from some. Thanks for voting, she’s a great writer and a brave one in the light of this post I think!

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