Tick Magnet

By: pixbyshumbles

Jul 16 2013


Category: July 2013

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Focal Length:77mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 600D

The Brazilian is a handsome chap it must be said. He’s got two ears in the right place and all his limbs intact. Plus he’s got his own hair which is nice. Most of it is still on his head and not in his ears or nose which is obviously a bonus.

Yes, he’s what might be called a looker.

I know the teenage girls at the Ursuline convent in Sligo used to dissolve into giggles and poke each other in the ribs when he’d pass them. It probably helps that he has those dazzling white teeth, although one does seem to be crumbling at present but that’s by the by.

I suppose I’ve always been aware of his hunkiness but I didn’t ever think I’d have to share him.

Share? You say.

Why? What sort of bohemian lifestyle have you entered into, lass?

Well it’s not me, you see. It’s them.

He can’t go out for ten minutes but they attach themselves to him.

Where once we had romantic moments snuggling up on the sofa or strolling along windswept beaches together, now I spend my afternoons, mornings and evenings examining his clothes for evidence. The frequent refrain is not so much the husky C’mere and give me a hug of days gone by but rather a slightly panicked Hon, could you get these ticks off me?


Yes readers. My husband is a Tick Magnet.

There, I said it. I haven’t quite had to resort to using the machete in this photo but it’s only a matter of time I fear.

And so that’s why for Christmas I want a magnifying glass and a blow torch.


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