Suicidal steak

By: pixbyshumbles

Jul 16 2013

Category: July 2013

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Focal Length:300mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 600D


I’ve been having difficulty getting into my WordPress site for the last while and I didn’t want to deprive you of my feverish little brain for too long! I was also concerned that if I didn’t empty the contents of my noggin onto a blank screen I’d be carted off to the loony bin. But now I seem to be able to get back in, so here’s what’s been going on.

Life in bucolic Brazil has been shuffling along since I last dispatched a communiqué. The Great Cow Catching Saga continued until last weekend when the cowboys came all decked out with hats and lassos to round up the bovine bastards.

Well, if I’d only known quite how fast they were I’d have got The Brazilian to enter them into the local grand national! Up and down and around they went, mooingnenenenenene as they raced, with horses and riders in tow.

For hours.

Endless loops through shrub and brushland. Two even hovered over a five foot fence back into our field and are still at large as I write this.

In the end the jubilant boys caught six.

Out of 38.

Once they were lassoed they lay quietly waiting to be brought to the other part of the farm.

Except for one.

She must’ve been a suffragette. She wasn’t going down without a fight.

No way would she cowtow (sorry!) to The Man. Oh no.

She headbanged like a drainpipe-jean-clad rocker in a moshpit.

Until she died. Poor girl.

I think I might be vegetarian.


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