Little furry fax machines

By: pixbyshumbles

Apr 18 2013

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Category: April 2013


Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 600D

So, I kept from you lot that we were expecting puppies. Mainly because you never want to jinx it by talking too soon.

Anyway, earlier this week my parents’ lovely Ridgeback, Ava, had her first litter of pups. It’s been four years since our ears have rung with the sound of contented little snoring furballs and it’s lovely. There are nine in all. Nine bundles who are so incredibly strong, trying to walk at one day old!

Of course with it comes endless guarding, making sure nobody gets squished when their Meemaw sits down. Or moving the as yet blind little blighters so that they’re not sucking away at her dewclaw, or worse, her derriere!

And then there’s Pooh Patrol. At this stage we call it puppy pollen because it looks, but crucially doesn’t smell, like pollen from flowers. They’re prolific wee downloaders I must say. Which brings me neatly to an explanation of the title to this blog post: the sounds they make? Well, they sound just like dial-up or … little furry fax machines!

Can’t wait for my next fix at the weekend! And soon, the best thing ever: puppy breath!


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