Marty McFly

By: pixbyshumbles

Apr 03 2013

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Focal Length:36mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 600D

Nowadays many families have in-vehicle devices to keep their kids entertained. You know, like, portable DVD players, Nintendos, Wee-Wees or whatever they’re called? No more the exasperated Shut up and count the blue cars! of yesteryear, oh no!

Well, in the Corolla we have a very special interactive entertainment system.

It’s faster than a Gameboy and noisier than Dora the Explorer at full pelt.

Can you guess what it is? G’wan, I’ll put the kettle on while you think about it …

Give up?

Okay, it’s a jet black, common-as-muck (often lives in muck come to think of it) bluebottle. And how do they entertain us?

Why, by buzzing around of course. Usually around the windscreen when the engine is at full throttle and I’m careering round a bend, stabbing at it with my fist as I avoid sinking into a ditch.

But this in-car entertainment device ain’t just for the driver … oh no *smiles smugly*

This one is for the furry passengers too.

One in particular.

Miss Barker enjoyed a long game of stare-out-the-fly from the backseat today. It went on for the entire journey to Ballina and most likely continued after The Flatpack and I went to the vet. It mainly consisted of the fly sitting deathly still just ever so slightly out of reach of The Barking One’s snapping jaws. Evah so slightly, mind. Not that it stopped her from leppin’ about trying to catch it. It was like being on a rollercoaster.

It didn’t bother us on the way home so I guess she musta gorrit.

The above photo is an artist’s impression of what a ladybird would look like on a piece of cake. Please note, cakes should never be eaten with a ladybird garnish. Alas I cannot say the same for the fly who is probably lying in state in Miss B’s lower intestine at this moment in time.


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