A message for The Brazilian

By: pixbyshumbles

Mar 14 2013

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Category: March 2013

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Focal Length:250mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 600D

It’s just after half nine at night and every day for the past week since you got on the plane I get a sudden sense of missing you. It doesn’t last long and I don’t cry … because I’m a big girl now and anyway tears make my eyes puffy which makes me look like the victim of a multiple bee-sting incident. Nae attractive.

I suppose you could say I’m an oul weatherbeaten sheep who’s lost her ram (oeer, that sounds a bit dodge actually). But I want you to know, because I’m too independent and unromantic to actually tell you in person, that’d be uncool like … I miss you. A lot.

I miss you for loads of things. Manly things like separating the stinky rubbish (barf); bringing turf in from the shed; catching (and parading about with) rats and mice; and (occasionally) washing my car.

I miss your rice!

Your socks strewn all over the house, don’t try to pretend you don’t do it, we both know the truth!

Your used dental floss hanging over the door of the shower cubicle. Actually I don’t miss that, that’s just gross!

The gal pals miss the slice of bread they get from you every morning and The Flatpack says I don’t play the *which one, this one game properly at all.

I miss those foot rubs that start off promising and end moments later with you snoring and dribbling on yourself in the chair. Oh man do I miss those!

But mostly I miss your big strong arms and your goofy smile.

So, in May when I see you again, you owe me big time Dude. It’ll be round the clock footsie rubs ‘n hugs galore! And rice, let’s not forget the rice.


* The which one, this one game was patented by The Brazilian and involves tugging at The Flatpack’s feet and tail and asking her which one he can steal, this one or that one (you get the gist, right? I mean it’s not rocket science)


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