Brass monkey doodahs

By: pixbyshumbles

Jan 22 2013

Category: January 2013


Focal Length:116mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 600D


We have snow.

I know for any of you reading in America or Canada (or London!) that you’re probably so over it. But I can’t tell you the excitement here this morning. The Brazilian crept into the bedroom to say goodbye when he was heading out to work and uttered those magic words

It snowed


It’s just a wee sprinkle but still …

The point is that in Ireland we don’t get snow too often so it’s always a novelty for us: the public transport system regularly shuts down at the first sight of a few sprinkles and office workers head off outside to make snowmen. Of course it’s a pain in the bum for people who have to drive, particularly when we’re not fantastic about gritting main roads, side roads, housing estates or any surface that isn’t a motorway or directly outside a TD’s house.

But, look … it’s all white and lovely and I get to bring the Canon out into it and take my first snow snaps with it!  Isn’t it just so purty?!

It goes without saying that I want more.

Bring it on, oh weather gods! I’m ready!


2 comments on “Brass monkey doodahs”

  1. You can have more snow . . . you can have all the snow that’s due to land in Meath, Louth and Dublin . . . I’ll even send the cozi toze to accompany it, provided you KEEP it in Sligo!

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