Hare today, gone tomorrow

By: pixbyshumbles

Jan 17 2013

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Category: January 2013

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Focal Length:123mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 600D

Ten days ago Miss Barker decided it would be a simply mahvellous idea to snag herself on a bit of barbed wire or it could have been a World War II bayonet or who only knows what. She arrived home with a gougey fleshy bit sticking out of her kneecap.


Off to the vet we went. Several staples later, she was inhaling a pig’s ear on the examination room floor.

Ten days on, we’re both so over the genteel ladylike walks on the lead. She spends her time moping along beside me with an air of depression about her as The Flatpack zips along the bog. When she’s not exuding hopeless ennui she’s trying to eat the flexi-lead. Or shouting at me to release her.

Today I did just that. Wellll, the staples are coming out tomorrow anyway and there was nothing doing on the bog, it was another grey day.

Nuthin’ happenin’ at all …

Until, I looked up from my fartphone and saw coming towards me the largest hare I have ever laid eyes on.

Of course Madame Barker was off, quick as a flash. Le Hare took one look at the slavering grinning lump of Ridgeback leaping into action and doubled back before changing his mind and zoomed past me at 100 miles an hour, the invalid in hot pursuit.

Oh boy did she chase it.

Right across the bog. Baying like the hound that she is. She came back grinning from ear to ear with only one staple unaccounted for.

Naturally I didn’t have the camera with me.

Tsk. I know.


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