Roses are red …

By: pixbyshumbles

Jan 04 2013

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Focal Length:25mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 600D

… violets are blue.

Why do the soft chocs in the tin taste like …

G’wan, you can guess what comes next


E numbers. 

Witness this chocolate. One of three left in the 500 stone box brought home by The Brazilian a mere 12 days ago.

It’s decimated. All the good ones are gone. The toffees, the nut ones, even the ones that taste like mint toothpaste.

All that’s left is this and two orange ones.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy chocolate in all its myriad forms. I’m not a purist, I’ll eat anything with a wrapper on that claims to contain even a hint of the stuff. I’ll eat cheapo stuff from the Pound Shop (we may be in the Euro but it’ll always be the pound shop to me!) and artisan bon bons that cost a tenner a bite.

Yes, yes, I love the stuff.

But I draw the line at strawberry Roses. Vile things.

Except …

* exhale*

Except the week after Christmas when everyone else is on the annual purge. Oh yeah, I will quite happily wake up and gleefully (but, crucially, without tasting) swallow a bunch of sweets from the bottom of the tin.  I’ll eat the last of the gigantic stollen and slightly chewy mince pies. No bother.

And then, in mid-January I wake up and realise I haven’t seen a piece of real fruit in a month.

Of course today I’m allowed to scoff the last three in the box. Because today I have a cold. My hair is wonky, my eyes runny and my nose is twitchy. Maybe I have an allergy to E numbers.

It’s that or myxomatosis.


5 comments on “Roses are red …”

  1. Ooooh I nlove the strawberry ones they’re my favourite and then the orange ones. Seriously.
    Maybe it;s because they seem to be the only ones not polluted with soya.
    Or maybe I’m just addicted to e-numbers!

  2. I’m officially odd – you;re only figuring that out NOW!!

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