Feathered Fcukwit

By: pixbyshumbles

Dec 19 2012

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Category: December 2012


Focal Length:23mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 600D

See what I did there?!

I spotted this in our local supermarket last week.

It seems a little judgemental.

Not to mention rather unkind.

I mean, not only has poor oul Chicken Licken been reduced to powderised e-numbers but we’re slandering his good name as well? So what if he was a bit thick, eh? Who cares that he wasn’t like those clever birds that got themselves on Top of the Pops back in the day? So what if he wasn’t coordinated enough to do the Birdie dance? Does it really matter that his mother was a cack-eyed hen with a heroin problem who dropped him on the head several times while in labour?

Does it?

What’s it to you that he got an F in pass Maths in Wesley back in the late ’80s? It just so happens that he had a lot going on that day: maybe a pigeon crapped on his school bag, maybe he got his frosted pink lipstick on his teeth and ripped his navy tights on a rusty nail, maybe … uh, sorry we’re talking about Chicken Licken aren’t we …


As you were, reader.


4 comments on “Feathered Fcukwit”

  1. poor chicken, all those bullies out there…. must be the turkey who’s the boss in the oven this Christmas 😉

  2. It’s not only that, I was in Dunnes in Blanch today (I have now done purgatory for all of Sligo and most of Leitrim by my presencde!) and saw another one.
    Thick country vegetable. I meam vegetables are all cellulose and water – they don’;t even have a brain and yet Knorr berates them for being thick! It’s not on, not on at all!

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