Things I have learned from dogs

By: pixbyshumbles

Dec 04 2012

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I’ve had dogs in my life from an early age and while I can be a bit of a thicko at times, I can say that I have learned a thing or two over the years.

1. Dinner is not finished until they’ve had a lick of the plates. Yes, really, believe me I’ve tried to stop them but it’s okay we have a dishwasher!

2. 99 per cent of dogs go deaf on a frequent basis.  Oh did you call me? Sorry I was … erm busy in the bushes with this fox pooh,  just disguising myself so I can catch’im for you.

3. All clothes look better with a layer of hair and, if you’re really lucky, drool. Whaddya mean you can’t wear dog drool to a job interview?!

4. Humans are butlers. It doesn’t matter how often they’re asked if they want to do a wee, they’ll wait till you’ve sat down for about three minutes after letting the rest of the pack out and then demand you open the door. It’s to keep you on your toes, so to speak.

All of which leads to the fact that …

5. Sofas are for dogs. Fact.


8 comments on “Things I have learned from dogs”

  1. That is all so true. In our house, George is drawn immediately to any new item of clothing, and adds a generous splash of drool. Sigh.

  2. 6. When humas are sitting down, they can be used for resting your head / paws / entire self (depending on size of dog) on.
    Theyz comfy you see! Don’t be put of if they push you away – that’s a game you see – they just want you to jump back on again.

    7. Food comes in two sorts –
    Dog food – which is exclusively for dogs
    Human food – which is for sharing with dogs

  3. Yup – and not to forget Kim who has the wonderful talent of keeping a person warm – by sitting on their lap
    and keeping them awake by – digging her claws in just as you’re about to nod off

  4. You´re not selling the whole dog idea to me I tell ya!!! On a completely other note, loving the pink duvet btw ;0) xxx

    • Bah, it was a gift like I said, I’m honoured to clear up her excretions, honestly! The pink duvet belongs to Miss Barker, we only have boring coloured dog beds, we’re a bit soviet in that sense

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