That lightbulb moment

By: pixbyshumbles

Dec 03 2012

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Woooooh! My first December post! Do yiz like the snow by the way?!

I need to tell you about Friday. Readers of a nervous disposition should look away now.


I’ve met a few over the years and I’ve always felt simultaneously whiny, ashamed and indignant when speaking to one. I give you two examples.

Several years ago I developed some sort of mad virus that made my joints swell up. My hands ended up Incredible-Hulk-sized although thankfully they remained flesh coloured otherwise my then boyfriend would have been suspecting an affair with Shrek. In an effort to get to the bottom of it my drug addled doctor (he was never what I would call a well man, mentally speaking) sent me off to a consultant who specialised in rheumatism.

Off I went for my appointment and sat in the waiting room while a number of octogenarians stared at me from behind enormous spectacles trying to figure out what I was doing there.

After flicking through The Readers Digest, Arthritis Weekly and Fluffy Slippers Gazette, I was finally called in. There was a brief chat with the (frankly hunky) consultant about my by now long gone ailment (such are the waiting lists in Ireland)  when  he chirped Let’s take a look will we? Take off your jeans and socks.

Uh okay.

It wasn’t until I had my jeans around my ankles that I realised I was wearing some racy underwear.


Hot pink.


Neither of us could keep a straight face when he asked me to bend over in front of him – apparently so he could see how my knees were working. They did. I left and I never saw him again.

At least I learned my lesson …

Last week I went to see my lovely GP for a check-up. We chatted and she introduced a large needle and proceeded to take a few gallons of blood out of me (that’s what it felt like anyway). Then she suggested a little examination.

Down there.

At least I was prepared this time and was kitted out in appropriate non-slut undies. I had even tended to the oul lady garden/lawn of love (or vajayjay if you’re from Essex): a small amount of deforestation so that she could see what she was doing.

Relax, she soothed.

Uh, okay right.

Readers, I now know how a lightbulb feels when it’s being screwed into a socket …


12 comments on “That lightbulb moment”

  1. apart from almost recycling my brekkie.. this is hardly the story suited to a December theme… Pink Thong… I’ll have nightmares into next year :-((

  2. Love the snow – provided it stays on your blog.
    Heh he he he – last time I had a blood test the Dr. took eight (yes 8!) phials of blood, in fairness he did say he was going to test for eight different things . . . to which I replied
    – well I hope after taking that lot, you’re not going to tell me I’m anemic.
    He was suitably amused and offered me iron tablets!

    Anyhoo – hope you’re not troubled by anything too bothersome.

  3. Love the snow and am slowly recovering my breath after reading about your medical exploits.

  4. Love it!!!!!! ;-)))

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