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Oct 18 2012

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Focal Length:29mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 600D

On the second day of our trip we finally made it to the beach. Not before an aborted attempt the day before though during which we gave up looking and ended up in a village where we met two ex-pats with whom we sat and drank a few cups of café solo – well I did, The Brazilian chugged back a few gallons of Sprite.

Day two and we set off early, determined to find the playa.

After some off-roading through someone’s field of oranges we arrived at a seaside town called San Juan de Lost Terriers (or something) and, rounding a bend, came upon this cove. For the best part of three hours we had it to ourselves, with the exception of a conspicuously nude octagenerian gent who spent a good hour bending down repeatedly, bronzed buns waggling in the air. I know this because I have a zoom lens.

Hey, don’t judge me!

I relaxed, gently burning the lids of my feet whilst The Brazilian took to the water, searching for precious metals. In actual fact he did find a man’s ring (not the nudey man’s, I hasten to add *snigger) and insisted on bringing it home.

Meanwhile, I was reading the last in the series of 50 Shades of Shite and in the three hours we were there managed to get through a whopping five pages. Must try harder. When did sex scenes get so boring – is it just me and my dotage or have I lost my will for cheap thrills?

If I finish it I expect, at the very least, a congratulatory telegram from Her Maj.

Or Dita Von Teese.

Here endeth today’s lesson.


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