Alicante Adventures

By: pixbyshumbles

Oct 15 2012

Category: October 2012


Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

Meself and The Brazilian got back from Spain in the wee hours of this morning.

We’d a really lovely time away and although we’re a bit knackered (four hours of kip last night) we’re feelin’ pretty chilled.

Quite literally. Y’see, in the space of eight hours we experienced a 20 degree temperature drop.

It’s a bit inclement here.


So, for the next little while I’ll indulge myself (and bore you, my loyal readership of six!) …

To explain this’un: on the flight over we had the entire row to ourselves and for once I can thank the universe for my short, stumpy legs. Readers, I got the window seat whilst himself stretched his gangly limbs out into the aisle, almost losing a shoe at one point (he felt it was important to share *ahem, pollute the plane with his cheesey toes).

I amused myself with the camera. Sho’ is purty up in them thar clouds.


2 comments on “Alicante Adventures”

  1. Welcome home, thanks for bringing back the sun with you, think you might have forgotton the heat though ;0)

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