*Beep beeep beeee beeee beeep beeep beeeeep

By: pixbyshumbles

Oct 04 2012

Category: October 2012


Focal Length:36mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 600D

The message alert tone pings on my phone, rousing me from my audio transcription file. I wait till I get to the end of the line, savouring the anticipation of someone is contacting me, who could it be? Who?

Hit carriage return and leap on the phone (it was a quiet morning).

Drop phone under sofa.

Spend several minutes scrabbling around on the floor looking for it.

Finally grasp it with thanks to the brush handle and, in my feverish excitement, switch it off.

Frantically stab at the power button (the suspense of who the message is from now turning into torture), wait an age for the O2 symbol (even though it’s now a 3 phone) and then for the Ne ne ne ne ne Nokia toon.

On to the interminable wait while it decides to check if there are any emails … (c’mon you fool phone, I’ve a text! I’ve a text!)

After a painstaking two minute search it confirms no emails.

Finally I can see the little yellow envelope, I hover my finger over it to open it …

The screen is locked.

Unlock phone, tap envelope and, with baited breath, wait for it to open:

Chickens! 2 for the price of 3 only this week in SuperValu (or something like that, I didn’t read it fully in my disgust)


* Bet you sang the title in your head didn’t’cha?!


2 comments on “*Beep beeep beeee beeee beeep beeep beeeeep”

  1. just got one of those…. was all excited, who’s sending me a text etc etc etc
    $499 special offer cruise reduced half price etc etc etc. bugger off! where did they get my mobile number from !!! 🙂

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