Primary School Revisited

By: pixbyshumbles

Sep 25 2012

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Now, I  must confess that I scratched my head when I saw these signs on a cafe’s toilet doors last week. I knew instinctively that they were some iconic ironic reference to my youth, but what? The brain cogs went into overdrive.

Who were Ann and Barry?

The hapless sidekicks to that squeaky-voiced freak in a box, Bosco? (Or Boshco if you lived in the west) You remember them, the poor goons who had to confine themselves to knocking three times on Bosco’s box instead of taking a lump-hammer to it and ending our collective national misery once and for all.


Were they the frumpy teenagers from the sex-ed video we were forced to watch in Wesley back in the day? Remember kids: Just say No! Or, as that oul vulture in a leotard, Madonna, liked to tell us at the time: “Don’t be stoooopid, don’t be silly, put on a condom on your willy”.

Yeah, she said that. And you thought she was so cutting edge. Pfft.

I turned to the know-it-all that is Google and it turns out that Ann and Barry were a brother and sister in primary school level books. Maybe it was the pre-pubescent feminist in me (yes, even at age 7) but I have blocked out this period in my life. I am like many a politician when faced with an awkward past: I did not have sexual relations … uh, sorry, wrong confession.

According to the various fora I’ve investigated on the matter, Ann and Barry were two squares whose lives were neatly packaged by societal norms. Ann was a girl, therefore she helped out in the kitchen; Barry was a boy who seemingly enjoyed jam. For your delectation I have borrowed this artist’s reinterpretation from blogger, who has also delved into the matter.

Does anyone remember these books?


8 comments on “Primary School Revisited”

  1. LOL. I remember them but they only became part of the curriculum a few years after I started. I had Maura & Sean (and their dog Rusty) instead. Same nonsense with a reading level set about 3 years to low and parents in more old fashioned clothes.

  2. Sadly in later years Barry’s life would take a dramatic turn downwards – when he met Lilly and they set up home in a 1 bedroomed shack in the Wesht. He should have stayed in the boys toilet !

    • LOL ! To say nothing of Ann’s career in “adult dancing” clubs!!

    • Ha! There was something in one of those spoofs about Ann being on crack and Barry being a pimp 🙂 Karyn, I presume the girls are well able to follow it and just look at you with disgust if you get it wrong?!

  3. Yes, but at least you knew Ann was female and Barry male, now I´m struggling with Biff, Chip and Kipper the dog with equally brain numbing rubbish about Chip sitting on logs etc etc

  4. And that just goes to show exactly how much attention I have paid to my daughters reading this past year, Floppy is actually the dog, naturally, Kipper, Biff and Chip are the children, 2 boys and one girl, I´m gonna need to check which is which, it was so less complicated with Ann and Barry ;0)

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