Purple Haze

By: pixbyshumbles

Sep 21 2012

Category: September 2012

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Focal Length:109mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 600D

Okay, so it’s not purple which, when you think about it, would probably be indicative of some awful impending doom, like a tornado or a plague of elephants or something. So shoot me, I like the song, okay?!

Readers, for you I risked dignity and personal comfort by racing out into the lane to capture this shot in my jammies and flip flops this morning!

You may look at it and say “Why’d you bother?” but I just had to.

I had to try and get it.

It was way more beautiful than this photo shows: the sun was glinting on dewy branches and this blanket of ground fog just hovering above the grass. By the time I’d grabbed the camera the fog was dissolving so the result is this hazy photo.

Never mind, I absolutely love days like this: so crisp and clear. To hell with soggy summers, I’d take Autumn days like this any time. At least it’s supposed to be chilly at this time of year!


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