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By: pixbyshumbles

Sep 16 2012

Category: September 2012

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Focal Length:20mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 600D

We were at a wedding on Friday. It was a really lovely day, both emotionally and meteologically: the sun shone and there was a lot of laughter.

The priest in the church was not a doddery 99 year old with a hearing problem but rather a very witty and sincere chap who seemed to really ‘get’ the happy couple. Onwards to the reception and the food was great, the craic was mighty and the band pushed out some pretty groovy toons. The venue was spectacular in its beauty (on the edge of a massve lake) and the staff couldn’t do enough for us.

There was even a candy table which of course The Brazilian sniffed out early enough in the proceedings and beside which we were sat for dinner (pure heaven, as you can imagine, for the sweet-toothed one).

There were a few more surprises: one was the photo booth with assorted hats, wigs and other cranial regalia: the best sight of the day for me was seeing the bride emerging from the booth still wearing her exquisite lace dress rocking a cowboy hat!

The other surprise wasn’t delivered to us until the day after the shindig as we had left the party when it happened. The poor oul groom came a cropper and fell down the stairs in his shiny new shoes, landing on a statue and knocking himself unconscious. Luckily for him his new wife is a nurse and off he was whisked to the nearest A&E. Thankfully he’s fine, a few stitches but nothing more serious.

The irony of this story is that when they were cutting the cáca milis earlier in the day the groom caketopper kept diving off the cake and landing on the floor! An omen surely!

Anyway, to the newlyweds I wish a long and happy marriage and perhaps a little less head-banging from the Mistur!


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