My Lovely Horse …

By: pixbyshumbles

Sep 03 2012

Category: September 2012


Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 600D

Sorry but I can resist no longer:  that episode of *Father Ted where, in a particularly pschydelic dream (what was in Mrs Doyle’s tea), the two boyos don lamé jackets and belt out their self-penned ditty in an attempt to win the All Ireland Lovely Priests Competition … or something.

Dougal, we have to lose that sax solo!

Fnar fnar.

Anyway, there’s a new German kid on the block at parental HQ.

She sho is purty.

Actually she’s pretty lively. She likes feet. She particularly enjoys standing on them, all the better if they’re human ones.

Maybe she’s got a foot fetish?!

* Click on the link for the song


2 comments on “My Lovely Horse …”

  1. watch it, Missus.. or my ‘lovely horse’ will tread forcefully on all 10 of your pinkies next visit !!

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