My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

By: pixbyshumbles

Aug 20 2012

Category: August 2012

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Focal Length:29mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 600D

So, I trotted over to parental HQ briefly today after rescuing the Magnetic Wan and two dogs when her van sat down. This reminds me of a recent ad on TV which showed a frazzled yummy mummy type ferrying little Fenton and Frascati from judo to horse-riding to synchronised-swimming and goodness knows where else (crack den??). Do you remember it? The tagline on it was “Mum’s Taxi”. Well, that’ll be me this week. Mum’s taxi, although I doubt she’ll want to go to a crack den.

Anyhoo the point is this. I was there yesterday.

But this wasn’t.

So there I am lurching up the driveway, dragging a bunch of dog leads and other sundry items when I do one of those doubletakes you see particularly pea-brained cartoon characters doing (think Pluto from the land of Disney). You know what I mean: head swivels in slow motion followed by a low “Uhhhh” of surprise as the jaw hits the floor and the (tiny) brain whirrs into action trying to see what’s different.

It’s an old milk churn.

From her childhood home in Cyavan. And it brings back some memories of my own younger days. Days spent playing in the fields or the hay barn in the long summer holidays from school.

Memories of getting up early-ish (I was never a morning person) to ‘help’ (get in the way) my great-uncle milk the cows. So many times I watched him unclamp the milking machine doodah from the ladies’ udders and pour the contents of the buckets into one of these 10 gallon churns. At the top of the churn there’d be sieve to catch the thick layer of skin/cream. Then we’d take off at about 15 miles per hour in one of his many beat-up *Ford Anglias and bring the takings to the creamery.

He once produced a book for me out of his welly boot, of course at the time I thought it was magic.

He’s a legend!

Of course he’s retired so the cowshed has long since been emptied of bovines, the milking machines sold on and the barn lies in disrepair.

It’s amazing what a photo can trigger.

*As well as a farm it remains to this day a car graveyard

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