Meet the Author

By: pixbyshumbles

Jul 17 2012

Category: July 2012


I mentioned a few posts ago that a Goldfinger Solutions client had given me the most lovely (and unexpected) giftpack of goodies. I have been promising myself, herself and you lot (although you didn’t know it!) to tell you about her.

Today’s the day.

Phil is an all-round good egg: as well as being a psychic healer she’s a very funny and down-to-earth person, not at all kookie as I suppose I’d have been guilty of thinking prior to meeting her. She works as a healer and medium and seeks only to help others. Based not a million miles away from me here in the wesht, Phil’s a real animal lover (always a bonus in my world!) and has used her gift to help the furry community too. Oh and she makes the most yummy scones!

We connected through a shared passion for photography and when she heard that I am unnaturally obsessed with spelling, grammar and all things punctuation-y, she entrusted me wth her debut bookie wook, Angel Whispers.

Written as a piece of fiction, the story’s central theme is the enduring power of love: both romantic love and a more prosaic, caring, healing love. It tells the story of a man, a woman, and the tragedy that befalls them. It examines how the central character, Aimee, overcomes intense grief to continue living with the help of her guardian angel, her soulmate, Greg. It is at times a profoundly sad tale but is ultimately an uplifting one of hope and eternal love.

It was my pleasure to read it and it is my pleasure to to tell you about it now. Download your copy of Angel Whispers on Amazon Kindle for less than the price of your morning cappuccino!

Lastly, I am excited to say that yesterday I began work on Phil’s second book and I can tell you it’ll be worth the wait!

You can learn more about Phil from her website.


4 comments on “Meet the Author”

  1. I got the book, read the book, loved the book

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