Uri Geller bent my spoon

By: pixbyshumbles

Jun 28 2012

Category: June 2012

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Focal Length:3.35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Okay, I can’t actually be sure that it was he, before he decides to sue me for defamation of character! I was at a café in downtown Ballina recently and found this spoon sitting on the table of the booth.

Well, the logical thing is of course to wonder who did it.

And why.

What sort of a humour would you have to be in to bend a spoon like that? Excited? Yay, a smiley face in my cappuccino! I’m so happy I’ll just snap this spoon. (The Barista there is a very talented chap actually whose work I think I’ve showcased on this blog before. I’m always sorry I don’t drink milky frothy thingys as there’s not so much you can do with a straight up black coffee!)

Perhaps the previous occupant was angry? Grr, why did I order the tea? I never get the smiley face in the Earl Grey.

Or maybe it was a local bodybuilder proving his might?

Who knows.

I like to think it was the Great Israeli Spoon Bender himself on a lightning trip of north county Mayo.


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