My name is Sandra and I’m a virgin dipper

By: pixbyshumbles

Jun 24 2012

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Fallen Comrades

Well, I was at 8am today, but no longer!

Meself and The Magnetic Wan hauled ourselves out of bed at six this morning, met our friend and headed off to the beach in the spilling rain. We had signed up (and I think I can say with honesty that we were cursing ourselves for doing so) to ‘do’ the Dip in the Nip in Sligo.

It was a military operation that General Custer would have been proud of: texts were sent out 24 hours beforehand to tell us the location of our public streaking engagement. (‘Ssh, don’t tell anyone, we don’t want non-dippers coming for a gawk’.)

In spite of our misgivings and self-bargaining (I’ll just get in up to my knees and it’ll be grand) we got caught up in the enthusiasm and exuberance of the mood. There were women in various states of undress everywhere, milling around, some a tad nervous, others just dying to get on with it. To get us going there was a bit of zumba dancing, a lot of towel-flapping and some premature nip flashing!

Exercise over, it was time for a few words from the Queen of the Dip, its organiser, Maire. At the end of her speech she started the countdown: 10, 9, 8 … eek, it’s really happening

7, 6, 5, 4 s’pose I’d better get me kit off so

3, 2, 1 … GO!

Naked bums (some attached to bodies that were wearing wigs, angel wings and hats) raced ahead of me into the water. Being virgin dippers we didn’t think through the wisdom of wearing flipflops and lost one each (both the left foot, interestingly) to the first icy cold Atlantic wave that came crashing across our bodies.

Aiiiiiieeeeeeeeee, it’s coooooooold!

Brave soldier that I am, I ploughed on, the water pooling higher around my body until another tsunami-like wave arrived and utterly drenched me! I was done, time to head back to shore. I found the giggling, screeching mammy and we ran back out holding hands.

It was so much fun and it was so very cold but the cup of piping hot coffee afterwards (and yummilcious gorgeous flapjacks) got my blood moving again. So very exhilarating and I’m doing it again.

Thank you to the ladies and gents who participated and really made the atmosphere special, the buzz around the beach even in the lashing ‘Irish summer’ rain made it special.

But especially, thank you to Maire who made it possible for me to tick something off the Bucket List. And all in a good cause too!

If you’d like to know more about the Dip in the Nip Foundation, check out its website:


4 comments on “My name is Sandra and I’m a virgin dipper”

  1. […] to have ticked something off the Bucket List today: public nudity! No arrests were made! (See 2. Meself ‘n himself have just finished painting the hallway. It’s a pale green […]

  2. Lovely to read a dipper’s account! I was there as part of Beltra Country Market – (we’re delighted you enjoyed our flapjacks!) and it really was the most brilliant atmosphere, and just a great event. Well done all and congrats to Maire!

    See some pix at

    • Fab photos 🙂
      You may remember me, I was the one who kept coming up grabbing fistfuls of flapjacks, pretending they were for my mum and friend but … well, I won’t incriminate myself any further except to say that I probably should do some sit-ups now! So very well done to all involved, thankyou.

  3. […] Just totting up my sponsorship card from Dippicus Nippicus (I’m disorganised!) and I raised €204 in all between online donations and physical ones […]

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