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Jun 21 2012

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Focal Length:45mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 600D

This little darling was born a few weeks ago. Ain’t he gorgeous? He’s a little bit … uh, sheepish (is that hugely offensive to a bovine I wonder?), hiding behind his mammy’s belly! His housemate, in the next door stall, was born earlier this week and is a lovely small black girlie who is free and easy with her kisses!

I love cow kisses almost as much as I love dog ones (except dogs who have been eating excrement, more on this later). One abiding memory of spending time at The Magnetic One’s family home is of being brought into the cow byer to see the newborns when I was a mere slip of a girl. One greedy git evidently mistook me for the dinner lady and gave a tentative lick with his rough tongue, stepped back almost as soon as he’d tasted my fingertips, stared at me and then lurched forward and took my entire hand into his mouth, sucking away like a big furry Dyson!

Cows, they’re just such big special creatures aren’t they? With lucious long eyelashes that Kate Moss (‘Get the Mooo look’) would kill for, they are zen.

Except when they’re running at you at warp speed of course.

Ho hum …

Ah yes, I alluded to dog breath. The Flatpack is a bit of a divil as you know. She likes to head off on her daily visits to our neighbours. Her self-appointed remit being to rough up the cats (who are legitimate sitting tenants) and nick their food. The most recent string to her bow is the solo bog trek.

We are not impressed. Mainly we are not impressed by the fact that she has been eating something so unbelievably whiffy as to render the smellee unconscious. She particularly enjoys jumping up on the lap of her victim, pinning them down, squirming until she can loom above their face and then letting out a burp.


Up until now I was blaming the cat food but The Brazilian reckons she’s been dabbling in pooh. I want to believe that it’s just horse or cow manure but he insists it’s human. (I’ll wait while you pass the sick bag amongst you!)

And no, I don’t know how he could be so confident in his assertion and I am not about to enquire! Understandably, dog kisses are now being accepted solely from the Big Brown Bow-Wow until further notice.

Now, I bet you’re delighted I didn’t forget to tell you about the dog breath …


One comment on “Peekaboo!”

  1. mis print in the title… should have been Peek-A-Moo !!

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