Brazilian on a hot slate roof …

By: pixbyshumbles

Jun 05 2012

Category: June 2012

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Focal Length:47mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 600D

At approximately 11 o’clock on Sunday night (a BANK HOLIDAY weekend, might I add), The Brazilian decided that he might need me to travel with him to work and make sure he didn’t fall off a roof. I don’t like to brag, but I am distantly related to Spiderman so I offered to catch him if he fell.

And before you ask. No, he hasn’t taken to abseiling down domestic dwellings on his days off. Nothing as exciting as that and try as I might I just can’t make power-washing a roof exciting. I’ve been thinking about this all day and it’s just … well, it’s just not sexy is it?

Anyhoo, off we trotted: me graceless and grumpy: I’m bad at the best of times but wake me up before 9am on a bank holiday Monday and you’re asking for trouble. Like they say, do not poke the beast. I packed two lazy bow-wows into my car, poured some coffee down my throat and watched himself prepare for his great adventure.

It really takes ages to get all the harnesses and ropes ‘n whatnot in place.

Ages. He finally got up on the roof and I was about to retire to a safe distance (i.e. the car) to observe when the house owner came out, grinning at me. In about five minutes of conversation I got his entire life story, and a colourful one at that.

From Kazhakstan originally (a wee part of me just wanted to say something about Borat but I abstained, you’ll see why in a moment), he was a cheerful chap who, as he sucked on his morning fag, casually mentioned that he’d spent some time in …

… wait for it …

The Russian Army.


Imploring the gods to make sure that the husband did a good job on the roof, I hid my surprise with a very elegant squeak, “Really? How fascinating”, I managed.

Aside from telling me about Afghanistan and other various -stans, he told me all about how he likes to fish. And readers, pike done Kazhak-style is apparently “veeeeeery good when you add some spice”.


The photo is an artist’s impression of the roof-straddling Brazilian.


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