Pit Stop Petrol Stop

By: pixbyshumbles

Apr 16 2012

Category: April 2012


Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 600D

You’ll have noticed I maintained radio silence over the last day or two.

That’s coz I was havin’ myself a lovely roadtrip.

To Cyaaaaavan to see my friends from the Trinity days. And what a great funny, intelligent, warm bunch they are too. We discussed everything from dinner recipes (clearly I remained silent for this portion given my regular kitchen-related mishaps) to clothes (naturally, we are all female after all!), books and a myriad of things in between. It was a tonic.

I say it every time I leave my friends but I really miss them and I draw a lot of inspiration n’ wisdom from them.

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about today.


I’m here to tell you that I greatly enjoyed The Great Petrol Station Tour of 2012 yesterday.

Yep, let me tell you about the highlights.

Like, I suspect, most Irish motorists nowadays I spend the guts of any long journey (anything over about ooh, ten miles) scanning the horizon for petrol stations, squinting at the digital numbers as I speed by, and commiting them to memory for future reference. Quite what I will use my extensive research on depends on the situation. If I have a dinner engagement you can bet your ass that I’ll mention how the price of fuel alters from region to region, brand to brand, road to road (dinners with me are scintillating lemme tells ya).

Of course, when I’m on the road (as we professional road-trippers call it) I store it all up in my brain and torture myself on the journey home trying to convince th’oul grey matter to remind me just what stretch of road was the really good value Texaco? Or which of the two Essos I passed 24 hours ago has a wee-wee room.

Yesterday was no exception.

I got my petrol after 20 minutes of procrastination, two wrong turns and several re-alignments of my car so that the petrol pump was on the right side of the tank.

€1.66 per litre (gallon?)!


And then I arrived in Carrick-on-Shannon to meet The Brazilian and grumpy mutts for a walk at Lough Key. So far so good.

And then he says it.

“We’ll need to go to a few of the petrol stations on the way home to get your car cleaned, hon. Get the best deal”. (My car has its NCT this week, more on this tomorrow)

Me: Sigh. “Okay but it’s just soap and water, won’t any station do?”

Apparently not.

We drove past three before there was one that he liked the look of.

A boy cleaned my car and removed about five years of dirt. It looks great. Job done.

Home time.

Eh … no.

“Hon, I need to get diesel for my van”.

Off we sped up the road to the Esso station.

While waiting for my husband to pump diesel (slowly), check his reflection in the passenger-side window (several times) and gaze blankly at the automatic carwash, I took this photo.

Four petrol stations in two hours.

That’s a personal best.


2 comments on “Pit Stop Petrol Stop”

  1. That’s 7.54 per gallon actually – seeing as you asked,

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