Easter at Tiffany’s

By: pixbyshumbles

Apr 03 2012

Category: April 2012


This little coppery whatsit was made this morning by the very talented Miss Molly Budd who is a young slip of a thing on her school holidays!

Her mum, Tiffany Budd, is a fantastic goldsmith whose workshop is at The Roundabout and …

… of course, I. Want. One.

We’re coming up on one year of hitchedness and well, sure there must be some sort of tradition that means I can waltz around with a lovely piece of Tiffany’s … or Molly’s.

Perhaps I’ll enrol The Brazilian in one of her workshops over the Easter break. Okay, okay, so it’s for kids but sure we all know he’s a big kid, he’ll fit right in!

So the message today is, parents of the northwest: instead of plonking your kids in front of the Playstation this mid-term why not drop them up to The Roundabout so they can learn a new skill? Who knows what talent you might unleash?

And, while you’re there you can have a coffee and treat yourself to some rather fabulous art n’ crafty bits!

Now c’mon folks, get thinking, what must-do ‘tradition’ can we come up with so I can bling up my life Tiffany style …


2 comments on “Easter at Tiffany’s”

  1. Wouldn’t get too excited on your upcoming 1st year of married life… in case you didn’t know its called “Paper”.. and as a couple that equates to a single sheet of paper (there’s 240 sheets to a roll – at least that is the case with the Lidl brand).
    But if you are really keen on a ‘blob of molten metal’ I can make you a very nice a ‘silvery’ blob from molten solder !

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