Money, money, money

By: pixbyshumbles

Apr 02 2012

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I haven’t written about the household charge up to now for fear of self-combustion.

Today I can hold myself back no more. A few days ago a politician in government commented that those opposing the charge should “Get a Life”. How insulting is that coming from an elected representative whose salary is paid by … oh, who would that be now?

Yep, us. You and me. Well mainly you, since I can’t get enough work in to actually get myself to the taxable threshold, thankyou recession!

Reminds me of 2007 when our then Taoiseach, the infamous Bertie, suggested that those warning of impending recession should commit suicide.

Yes. Really, he said that. And he wasn’t put out of power. Imagine that.

How removed from reality do you have to be to think that you can treat the public with such contempt? Well if that wouldn’t put fire in your belly, what’s gonna? Eh?

We didn’t pay it.

We received no invoice. No explanation.

Sure, we did receive a reminder a week ago, bundled in with the usual special offers from SuperValu. You’d blink and miss it. Good kindling for the fire.

A reminder but no invoice.

Why would anyone send a reminder to pay something that hasn’t been invoiced? That’s the kind of thing you get a rap on the knuckles for when you’re a rookie secretary or accounts assistant.

I’m self-employed and new to the rules. But even I know that if I work for a client I am asked to issue an invoice. If I am to pay a charge for a service, I expect to a) know precisely what the service is; b) see it in operation in my local area; and c) receive actual paperwork relating to it.

If our politicians can spend hundreds of thousands littering our countryside, roads, newspapers and letterboxes with their propaganda come election time, why are they incapable of sending out a simple bill, huh?

Interestingly, I read in the Sunday Times yesterday that the minister in charge is compiling a database of those who have not paid.


If he couldn’t do it three months ago, how is he able to do it now?

Has he been at the Golden Pages phonebook then?

And what do I get for my money? According to the reminder shoved into our postbox it will support fire and emergency services; maintenance and cleaning of streets; planning and development; public parks; street lighting; libraries; open spaces and leisure amenities.

I live in a rural area where I have to dodge enormous potholes to get out onto the ‘main’ road which itself is littered with holes that the County Council blithely ignores. There is no street lighting where I live. From what I can see no rhyme or reason to any “planning or development” has been carried out in the greater area, it having been conducted on the basis of the infamous brown envelope of the past. The reminder tells me that it will pay for our fire service. Great, does that mean I won’t be liable for a call-out fee if I have a house fire?

Ehm, no, apparently not. I guess that €100 must be to keep the firemen’s shoes brightly polished? Is it? Must be.

Maybe Fine Gael should consider buying these old coins from our punt days to stem the gap.

Not. A. Happy. Camper.

Not at all.


2 comments on “Money, money, money”

  1. And I could reply yesterday becuase I was already in grave danger or physically reversing severla internal orgains belonging to several non-beloved people as it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get a Life”. GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus H Christ if that does not show them as being completely out of touch with most of the country nothing does – A LIFE?????? A huge amount of people opposing the property tax are doing so because due to all the taxes inposed on us all they no longer have A LIFE. That is why they cannot pay what will, in a few years be 12,000 approx p.a. – because they can no longer afford a LIFE. Let alone the equivalent of an annual food bill. Bucause so many have to choose betwen heating and food when the weather is bad or their medicine or petrol. Long before they a penalty for having a home, they no longer have a life becusase they have been reduced an existnce.

    Yep, the “Teflon Taoiseach” referred to suicide in response to reports of an impending recession. The same Bertie for whom is took a 250 million euro tribunal of OUR money to tell us he is corrupt!!! Does he get jail? Oh no, he gets 50 grand for a lecture tour in Nigeria to give them advice on running their economy!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the poorent nations on earth takes advice on running an economy from THAT – Now unless it is runnig it into the ground or how not to do it , I wouldn’t let him run away.

    No you won’t get an invoice – that’s why they made it a a self-declared tax. They cant send you an invoice becuase they don’t know where you live – which is why they wanted you to self -register, so they have you on file immemorial.

    If this case we are expected to pay the local councils because they have stripped the local councils of funding to bail out the banks and satisfy the Troika – the same local councils that who had the money during the boom seemed to be experts at one task and one only – WASTING it. Now if hey couldn’t provide services during the “boom” do they realy expect us to believe they will provide them during recession?
    Sorry my imagination is way too taxed for that|

    He is “compiling a database of those who have not paid” Oh for FCUK’s sake!! Either is brain is too small to be let out alone let alone run a govt department or he thinks I am a complete eejit – which is fankly bloody insulting. The whole PROBLEM of needing people to self register instead of simply sending them a bill is that they needed their reGistration In order to compile a property database becaUse they did not already have a databAse of properties. Now if they needed people to register for a databse in order to have a list of the properties in the first place. Then how in the HELL does he expect me to be eejit enough to think he is going to compile a database of properties which aren’t registered. If that were really an option, then why wouldn’t he have done inthe first instance for all properties anyway without needing people to register on his transition year project databse.

    Jesus now I am MAD.

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