A day in the life, Part I

By: pixbyshumbles

Mar 31 2012

Category: March 2012

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Dear Diary,

Today was a super fun day. I kicked it off by tasting turnip for the first time. The human foolishly left it in the back of the van with me and I simply couldn’t resist.

It’s alright.

Not great. It’s a bit sweet to be honest.

I think it needs salt.

After that I spent the entire day with my country cousins at HQ. I never stopped running.

They have hens y’see. Nervous black ones.

Boy, do they run when I race up at 100 miles an hour to their pen.

Hee hee, great fun, dust and feathers everywhere!

I gorged on horse pooh which I’m told is a delicacy, far better than the turnip anyway.

I also (sssh, don’t tell!) might have had a sneaky nibble at the big bed in the kitchen, I’m pretty sure they didn’t notice the foam innards flying around the floor.

I’m knackered now.

Farting gently to myself as I snooze.

Night night,

The Flatpack


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