Fancy Páipéar

By: pixbyshumbles

Mar 28 2012

Category: March 2012

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I recently wrote about my childhood fancy paper obsession.

It struck a chord with one friend who sent this in the post the other day! I love getting post. Anything. Even bank statements. I am so sick of hearing the postie zoom by, screech to a halt and then drive on down the lane. I race out all excited that today might be the day I get mail but nooo, it’s usually for the neighbours and even if it is for us it’s flamin’ SuperValu propaganda.

But not yesterday, oh no sirreee, these beauties landed.

The Brazilian will not escape my household reminders, There’ll be post-it notes stuck all over the house, the shed and his van for weeks to come. Endless fun. None of your common or garden dayglo yellow variety, oooh no, these are very girly, very pretty and will command attention and respec, particularly when written on in my inimitable authoritative tone. Ah it’ll be great, there won’t be a single solitary item about the place left un-posted:

Clean Me Out (the fire, not the bank account – I flippin’ wish).

Walk Me (the dogs, but also his socks sometimes).

Feed Me (the dogs mainly, occasionally extends to my good self).

Tickle my feet.

Yep, life’s about to get sweeeet!

So it seems it’s true. You know, the old adage? “Ask and you shall receive” …

And with that in mind …

Hey readers, I really like money, cash, spondoolies, wonga. Yep, I’m only ever happy when I have about €200,000 in my back pocket.

Just sayin’ …


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