Forever Friends

By: pixbyshumbles

Mar 16 2012

Category: March 2012


Freddie Mercury sang a song about best friends.

Actually in reading the lyrics through it might be a more “special” friend he was talking about but nonetheless the sentiment is there, friends make life richer.

Friends have always featured hugely in my life. I’ve written about mine many times before, in fact I don’t distinguish between friends and family anymore. They’re all the one.

I like to think I’m a good friend. I have relied on mine heavily in the past, through relationship breakdowns and the stresses of daily life (losing my job, buying my house, planning the shindig), not to mention the odd ill-fated dalliance with the opposite sex. Goodness knows they’ve been patient and they’ve had to put up with a lot!

I hope in return they feel they can rely on me. I’ve had many lengthy conversations dissecting what he means when he says he’ll call. The debates about what to wear on the first date right the way through to choosing a wedding frock and later, the christening outfit. I’ve had many a frivolous (but by no means less fun) chat about shoes, hairstyles and soft furnishings. I’d like to think there is nothing I wouldn’t do for a friend.

Well, there might be one thing …

I probably wouldn’t (and excuse the profanity here folks but I can’t find a polite word for this) wank my friend’s dog.

Can’t quite see that happening somehow.

Obviously we’re not all that selfish, are we oh Magnetic One?!

Those Marigolds will need a scrub …


2 comments on “Forever Friends”

  1. I just spent the last half hour flicking through your snaps and posts. I love your blog, it’s definitely one of my faves. Don’t know how you have the will to write something every day, I’m far too lazy. Loving the snaps too.

    • Ah thank you! Well, the blog has become an obsession and I almost feel ratty if I don’t get to do it! I found it difficult at first but each day seems to get a bit easier. The positive comments and encouragement really help though! Plus I am at a computer all day while you are probably out there in the real world doing real things!! I loved your post about Banjo and the little gift of shit 🙂

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