Land Ho!

By: pixbyshumbles

Mar 15 2012

Category: March 2012


To get me away from the Excel (groan) and in a bid to regain at least a smidge of my sanity, I took myself off on an afternoon trip with The Magnetic One.

Oh we took in all the sights: Argos (an unsuccessful mission for a Monster High doll for The Brazilian’s cousin), then the agri feed store for the essentials (canine, equine and feathered food) and then Lidl.

I tell you it was fierce exciting altogether! What a day! She sure knows how to live it up does the mammy!

The best bit was wandering up to The Roundabout (my other home) and taking in the all round gorgeousness of this mighty piece of work. It’s a ship (duh!) based, I’m told, on the Black Pearl from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The guy who made it is a local fella and he made everything from scratch.

Arr sure ’tis only right to break inta a bit o’ poirate speak.

E’ry last piece. Them thar ropes, rigging I believe is the technical term (thankee to the Sex Pistols for that nugget o’ knowledge – who’d’a thunk punk had owt t’offer!), thar be barrels o’ rum, ’tis all handmade matey.

Inside thar be a wardrobe fer all Cap’n Sparrow’s bandanas and swishy shirts.

An’ swirls o’ rope for hangin’ scurvy rascals from the mast …


… or whatever it is that swashbuckling pirates do when they’re not pillaging! There’s a bell and lifeboats too.

It’s magnificent and must be seen to be appreciated.

It took three years to complete.

Three years!

The detail is astounding, a true piece masterpiece.

Apparently there has been a steady flow of men d’un certain age coming up just to view since it arrived earlier this week!

So, who’s going to buy it?

Get yourselves up to the gallery to see it. You won’t be disappointed.

Arr. Ship Ahoy!


2 comments on “Land Ho!”

  1. I saw it, thought it was a splendid piece – would be an ideal focal point at reception in a quality hotel (e.g. hotel in Galway during – The Tall Ships regatta). Any idea on price?

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