Yes Mr Dali, we have your clock

By: pixbyshumbles

Feb 23 2012

Category: February 2012


I’ve been meaning to post about this for ages.

Today’s photo was taken pre-Canon using my mobile phone.

In case you can’t tell, it’s a large clock stuck in the branches of a tree, like the print of a Salvador Dali painting I had as a teenager. What’s particularly random is that it’s on the bog.

Yep, the bog.

You see, our bog is a mecca for people who are too mean to pay €5 for a rubbish bag.

Or too lazy to drop their unwanted kids’ toys, prams, sofas (I kid you not) and washing machines at the local secondhand shop in Ballyremote.

So off-the-beaten track is our bog that only local yokels will even know it exists. Some of them will actually have had to drive by the secondhand shop in the town.

The place is awash with beer bottles.

Empty cans, shoes, bed sheets and even a used condom.


Great place to bring the girls, eh?

I even found a discarded AIB bank sign last summer, times must be bad if even the banks can’t afford a rubbish bag.

Sometimes people disgust me.

How badly dragged-up do you have to be to think it’s okay to leave heaps of your unwanted crap lying around?

On someone else’s doorstep?

My doorstep.

Broken glass everywhere, nappies, bags, you name it, we got it.

Still, I suppose it means I know where to go if I ever need a few mats or bed frames.

Incidentally, when I went back up today with The Canon, the clock was gone.

Perhaps by a particularly time-conscious sheep with an ambition to be a 1980s style rapper …

MC Ram with a ditty called “Yo, Pimp my Ewe” …


3 comments on “Yes Mr Dali, we have your clock”

  1. Really Cool photo Sandra! Could you send it on to me I would love it as a screen saver….

  2. Don’t take Emma down there, you know what a hoarder she is.. likes nothing better than to ferret about on rubbish tips..she’d have a ‘field’ day (get it?). Rumour has it that she was spotted at Dunsink dump recently – with her dust pan and brush, having heard the news item about a piece of ‘moon rock’ accidentally dumped there following the Dunsink observatory fire in 1998.

    Anyway, time I clocked-off!

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