Sneaky snakes and first dates

By: pixbyshumbles

Feb 16 2012

Category: February 2012

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I’m scared of’em.

So much so that I have to cover my eyes if one appears on the TV screen.

It’s not that I think they’re slimey.

I know they’re warm. I was forced to touch one once as a child.

Nope it’s not that.

It’s the fangs that get me.

The fangs and the tongue …

Even typing this is making my skin shiver.

The tongue, the way it darts in and out between the … fangs.


So you would imagine that if a man talked about snakes on a first date that I would dump him.

Imagine if a man sat and talked at length about snakes after I admitted my phobia. And consider if you will, that he continued undeterred, not noticing the pale horror-stricken face of his companion, rattling on about how he used to torture them as a child (he made them smoke if you really wanna know)  …

Yeah, you can imagine that I would just toss my napkin down and leave wouldn’t you?

Nope reader.

I married him. My husband, the snake torturer.

Having read this you will understand how brave it was of me to take this photo today, a brand new painting in The Roundabout.

I bet I’ll be dreaming about this one tonight.



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