Fanny the Flasher

By: pixbyshumbles

Feb 14 2012

Category: February 2012

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Feb 14th.

Well, how’s it been for yiz?

C’mon now, be honest …

I’ll get the ball rolling shall I?

I got up early (for once), ran the furries in the field, emptied the fire out and opened my Facebook page to a deluge of lovely birthday messages.

After basking in the glory of all the love online I hopped into the shower.

Pottering about drying my hair I heard a car beep outside.

A visitor.

The postman.

I was in a towel but, no problem, it’ll only take a sec.

Except …

It’s a wee bit windy today …

… my towel became a smidge unruly as I was greedily grabbing all my goodies from him.

No hands to protect my modesty and … well …

Poor man, he didn’t know where to look!

At the grand oul age of 38 I’ve got a new hobby:

Yes folks …

I am a flasher.


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