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Feb 12 2012

Category: February 2012



Sgt Pepper and the Magnetic One (my mother, long story, tell you another time) treated meself and himself to a Chinese meal last night. We have been threatening to go out together for about 18 months and it hasn’t happened for various reasons, poverty being one of the more pressing ones!

Anyway, in honour of my upcoming birthday and his recent one they brought us out.

Quite honestly I have never had a better Chinese meal in my life.


We really pigged out.

I nearly had to be rolled out on my chair!

There was roasted duck, sweet ‘n sour chicken and some delicious concoction involving beef, but …

… oooh the rice.

It was unlike any other.

It didn’t land onto your fork in big hot sticky clumps.

It was little a bit spicy and packed full of carrots and bits of chicken.


And in a little rural town just off the N17 in Charlestown, not some bigshot city restaurant!

How do ya like dem apples …

When we left we were given a calendar with a list of the symbolic meanings for each year. So, you’ll all know that this year is the year of the Dragon. I was born in the year of the Tiger, making me a fighting spirit, aggressive and courageous who is a sensitive thinker and a true blue with friends. Himself is a dragon: excitable with a complex life, stubborn on the outside but soft hearted and a born leader.

So, fed and educated in one sitting!

In the words of Monty Python: “I like Chinese”.


2 comments on “Oink”

  1. … regarding the Magnetic One.. we later discovered that she had mysteriously collected 2 bolts, an assortment of nuts and washers plus a rusty screwdriver from the back seat of your Toyota. If the chassis falls off in the next few days, she probably has the original fittings for it !

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