Social faux pas

By: pixbyshumbles

Feb 04 2012

Category: February 2012

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I am indeed …

Scarleh for me ma fer havin’ me

For those who aren’t familiar with the northside of Dublin I’ll translate. This is a phrase commonly used to poke fun at someone who’s just done something embarrassing or stupid.

That’d be me then.

I went out to a new friend’s house last night for an evening of culture and conversation and food, divine food.

It started off well. I was welcomed in with open arms, spotted someone I knew and parked myself beside her whilst inhaling the plates of food on the table in front of me.

I had three … three sips of wine because I was driving.

Everybody was very friendly and we all drifted upstairs for a bit of culture, people read poems, some sang and others, me, just sat and enjoyed. It was all going swimmingly until I opened my mouth.

Let me paint the scene for you:

I heard some of the assembled menfolk strumming on their guitars, plucking out a tune that I vaguely recognised as being that from a very famous movie.

Deliverance. You might have heard of it.

And so I asked them, “Is that the song from Deliverance?”.

They looked at me blankly and so, digging myself in deeper I hummed the Deliverance theme tune and said “You know the film about the guys who stray into the wrong part of the woods and …”

More blank looks.

So I beat a hasty retreat.

Okay, so that’s not so bad is it?

Well, I’m not done yet.

I later discovered that the lovely chaps are gentlemen of the cloth and probably have no need to be told about a movie about sodomy in the woods.

And I hadn’t even had a drop to drink!

Scarleh for me ma, indeed.


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