There’s leaves in the jar …

By: pixbyshumbles

Jan 31 2012

Category: January 2012


With thanks to Phil Lynnot for writing the original lyrics and for not haunting me for abusing them!

These three tealight holders have been outside the house on the footpath for the last eight months since our day-after-the-shindig BBQ.

I pass them every day and I keep meaning to bring them in and wash them.

But the dishwasher’s dead. That traitorous technological ninny.

So, outside they will stay for a little while longer.


2 comments on “There’s leaves in the jar …”

  1. Nooooo, I will not have lyrical inaccuracies in blogs! Phil Lynnot did not write the original lyics. It’s a traditional Irish balled – origin unknown. The song first gained wide exposure when The Dubliners performed it internationally tho’ t was also recorded by Phil Lynnot.
    There now (sticks out tongue in the manner of a small child!)

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