Off with ‘er ‘ead …

By: pixbyshumbles

Jan 23 2012

Category: January 2012

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… oh dear.

Groping about in the dark the other night the Brazilian offed one of our wedding presents. A tall ornament depicting Carmen Miranda, the famous singer much loved by legions of Brazilians.

She took a dive off the shelf above the fire apparently and is now to be found on the top of the kitchen cupboard awaiting restorative surgery via Superglue.

Bet she didn’t imagine that might be her fate as she was singing to zillions of scantily clad white-toothed South Americans!

Her fate reminds me of my favourite childhood film, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. In it there is a scene where the Queen, who is quite the bloodthirsty dictator, starts shrieking “Off with their heads” and there is a song, but alas I don’t remember the words. Suffice to say it continues on in much the same vein until Alice wanders off to play with Spike Milligan who is dressed as a gryphon. Now there’s a bizarre casting experiment!

But that’s got nothing to do with Carmen Miranda’s resin-coated broken body.

Thankfully it wasn’t me what done it …


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