Dogs can smile

By: pixbyshumbles

Jan 17 2012

Category: January 2012

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It’s cheating I know. But I took about 200 photos on Sunday, you gotta let me use some of’em!

Look at the absolute uncomplicated joy on Lola’s face as she pounds through the surf – okay, the dribbly bits of left-over seawater!

She’s loving it!

Dogs really do wear their emotions on their metaphorical sleeves. I always know the big brown bow-wow is annoyed when he lies with his front legs outstretched wearing an expression of utter boredom and despair.

The hangdog look, if you will.

Likewise when he’s a happy boy the whole place is lifted by it, his good humour is infectious. Where would I be without him? My big brave bow-wow. We’ve seen a lot of good times and bad times and he’s always stuck by me. The days when I’d huddle in a corner with him on his bed bawling my eyes out post break-up …

… and the early days when I used to chase after balls I’d thrown for him.

Yes, you read that right.

When he first arrived on the scene I took the advice of doggy friends (and my parents) to heart: I bought balls, chew toys and frisbees to beat the band. I’d head off on a walk, clutching a tennis ball in one hand and a fistful of bickies in the other. When we’d get to the field I’d throw the ball.

Shamba would stand still as a statue …

… watching the ball disappear off down a ditch.

Like an umpire.

And then he’d watch as his insane owner chased after the ball squealing his name and jumping in the air like a jack rabbit before scooping up the ball and running back to him.

I’d like to say that he would then reward me with one of the bickies, but no …

Who was training who, eh?!

It didn’t take me long to learn that Ridgebacks don’t do ‘fetch’!


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