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Jan 08 2012

Category: January 2012

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For Christmas Sgt Pepper received an eclectic bunch of presents including chocolate-covered honeycomb, mini walnut whips, a wooden board for nuts and dips (or stick your feet into when you’re on the sofa, we’re not quite sure to be honest!). But by the far the most intriguing was a selection of unusual ciders. Well it was Christmas and we’ve given him some real incentives for the post-Chrimbo detox!

I don’t remember what this one tasted like but I love the label.

It reminds me of those old kids’ fairy stories. Tales of derring do, wicked witches and brave knights, sleeping princesses and kindly elves.

One in particular, Rumpelstiltskin, springs to mind.

The story was written by the Brothers Grimm in the 18th Century and tells the tale of a goblin who helps a captive girl to spin gold from straw. Rumpelstiltskin loses his end of the bargain when he challenges the girl (now married to the King) to guess his name in order to keep her firstborn child. After following him home she hears him singing his name, repeats it to him and old Rumpel is forced to keep his end of the bargain.

I remember reading all my Penguin classic stories over and over again as a child. I really enjoyed books.

And then I went to college, spent three years studying English literature and that was the end of reading for pleasure!

Now I dissect it for a living!

Some day I will gather up all the old children’s fairytales and relive the magic. Which brings me to – what was your favourite story as a child?

Cinderella? Sleeping Beauty?

The Princess and the Pea?

But for now, I leave you with the song that Rumpelstiltskin sang in his native German:

Heute back ich, morgen brau ich,
Übermorgen hol ich mir der Königin ihr Kind;
Ach, wie gut, dass niemand weiß,
dass ich Rumpelstilzchen heiß
Today I brew, tomorrow I bake;
And then the Prince child I will take;
For no one knows my little game
That Rumpelstiltskin is my name!

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