The Orb

By: pixbyshumbles

Dec 30 2011

Category: December 2011

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I’ve mentioned (and photographed) our Chrimbo decorations over the past few weeks but I think the best one was given to me by a work friend who went off to the €2 bargain shop in Sligo with the aim of buying the most tacky decoration she could find.

This is it.

I call it The Orb.

And I don’t think it looks tacky at all so I guess you kind of failed in your mission Clare!

But thank you nonetheless!

Today has been a good day, I went into town with The Brazilian after work and our mission to do the grocery shop became a little date.

We haven’t been out in ages so we had a wander around the shops, I came home with some envelopes, a stapler and pencils (I’m obsessed with stationery), and  a dress from the secondhand shop, all of €4! Himself bought some drain rods, and bags for the precious Nilfisk, you may remember I set fire to the last hoover bag a few months ago.

And you thought married life was boring!

But then we went to Hargadons pub (my first time and I’ve lived here four years) for a steak sambo which was delish, and bumped into a blast from the past. Great to see you after so many years, you know who you are!

And now for a glass of red and a foot rub!


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