Ribbon-wrapped Seagulls, tinsel and Seventies tackorama

By: pixbyshumbles

Dec 22 2011

Category: December 2011

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There are two shopping days to go till the clock strikes midnight and the world falls silent … and I have no, read NO presents got.

I haven’t even bought gifts for myself under the pretence of giving them to someone else and then changing my mind conveniently the minute I get out of the shop (a frequent occurence in the past, I’ll be honest with you).

And I’m helping out at The Roundabout both days. Ho hum.

We do have the tree up though.

As you know from a previous post …

It’s decorated with loads of  twinkly lights, sparkly silver balls and glittery claret ones (claret, y’hear, not yer common or garden red!).

And a white seagull anchored to the branch with ribbon. Rather nice isn’t he? I s’pose he’s a dove but I rather like thinking of him as a gull who spends the rest of the year splattering onto pedestrians as they go about their lives. (That happened to me once on the way to school, a bird crapped on my hair and shoulder and I had to go around school all day with remnants or memory of avian pooh on my deeply morrrtified teenage person.  Bleurgh.)

But I digress.

My grandmother used to buy one decoration each year for her tree. It was a cacophony, nay a riot if you will, of random colours. I loved it though and I plan to buy a piece for our tree every year although I might give the plastic multicoloured trumpets and tacky clumps of tinsel a miss …

What colour is your tree? Is yours a postmodern cool mix of blue lights with white balls and carefully placed strands of tinsel? Or do you just fling whatever you can find at it and hope for the best?


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