New Kid on the Block

By: pixbyshumbles

Dec 20 2011

Category: December 2011


Introducing the newest member of the Clooncoose Canine Brigade … Lola.

You are getting a sneak preview as The Brazilian is yet to meet her and her kennelmate, Shamba, is off on his holidays at the moment. So think yourselves priveleged!

We picked her up today from a pound in County Meath, with thanks to Martina in A Dog’s Life, a charity dedicated to the welfare of dogs in distress. Also big thanks to Karen O’Connor who vouched for me so that we could release the little imp!

The conditions in the pound were surprisingly good, I was expecting something a bit more Dickensian but the dogs there seemed happy enough and were all clean with enormous bowls of food to gobble down.

Still, I’m relieved to have her off death row.

She’s a happy little girly and hasn’t stopped wagging her tail since we met her …

Uh wait, actually she has … when she was counter-surfing in the kitchen! Yup, I got me a counter surfer, folks! Nothing will ever be safe again!

She’s quite small and she doesn’t have a ridge but she has huge liquid brown eyes and she’s a leaner – she was leaning in on top of me as I was lighting the fire earlier. I think we’re going to get along just fine.

Lola would seem to be a connoisseur of chocolate, well I think she must be since she awakened from deep slumber to come and glare at me for a square.

I didn’t give it to her obviously! But suffice to say that the Blonde Bombshell in Cloonacool (Kiya) will have competition for the cocoa bean in the future methinks!

Anyway, it must be time for a little cuddle …

* We heard about Lola just this weekend by chance and I think Cari may have sent her to us. We still miss you, gorgeous girl.


5 comments on “New Kid on the Block”

  1. ohhhhhhhh, that so touches the heart. Hope Lola and her new ‘fambily’ will be v happy together:-)

  2. Lola looks like a beautiful little dog and what a perfect time of year for her to come into your lives. Can’t wait to meet her in person.

  3. Hey cuz, can’t wait to play with you. I’m sure the rest of the canine family here at HQ will also love you too!

  4. Awwww she’s gorgeous, congratulations.

    • Thankyou to everyone for your lovely comments. Lola’s settling in well, she’s discovered the joy of the leather sofa (farting on Joan’s lovely Harrods scarf just to further comfort herself – I’d borrowed it yesterday, first and last time she lets me borrow her stuff I’d say!) and is unfillable. The dog just is a bottomless pit for food! Looking forward to introducing her to her new canine and human family and friends soon 🙂

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