C’mon baby light my fire …

By: pixbyshumbles

Dec 06 2011

Category: December 2011

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… try to set the night on fiiiiiiirrrrre. Jim Morrison shrieked that lyric in the late 1960s while gyrating bare chested in leather jeans and … mmm …

Uh, sorry, went off on a wee tangent there. It’s possible of course that he might not have been thinking of firelighters as he wrote that song.

But I am.

I’ve just spent an hour, and a quarter pack of lighters doused liberally in sunflower oil, trying to get the fire to light. It’s the wet sticks, you see. I spent a scandalous amount of money on a small trailer load of logs recently and I think I was had. The feckin’ things are so cold and aloof that they nearly need to be warmed up with hot water bottles before they’ll condescend to accepting the enthusiastic jumping sparks anywhere near their person.

Frickin’ divas!

Anyway, huff over, it’s blazing away now merrily and I am confident that the icicles that have formed around my ears will melt any minute now.

Any. Minute. Now.


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