Bag Lady

By: pixbyshumbles

Dec 01 2011

Category: December 2011


So, I went out, all suitably clad in the hand-me-down coat I was on about yesterday and I met a friend for a hot chocolate. So far so innocent, right? It was. Until I went upstairs to The Roundabout to pay a visit to my two gal pals up there … okay, hands up, I really went upstairs to gaze at a handbag.

A handbag that arrived in last week and which I’d be thinking about ever since.

A handbag like no other.

For it is an Ana Faye handbag and it’s handmade locally in Sligo.

I mean, it would be rude to leave it sitting on a display unit, wouldn’t it? Such a thing of leather beauty. And I need a new bag to go with my new successful business person identity.

And it’s got a lovely little tag with the Ana Fey name on it … and I’ll be the toast of the town with it. And it’s beautiful and did I mention that it’s gorgeous and will solve all of my life’s problems?

Against all rational thinking I somehow came back home with it.

So, now my hours spent toiling voluntarily at The Roundabout have a meaning, a purpose.

A raison d’etre if you will.

Behold the bag … and the shrine to the bag! ‘Tis a thing of beauty, no?

* Needless to say much of the conversation with my friend was spent on The Bag! *


6 comments on “Bag Lady”

  1. Ohhhhhhhh, I LOVE it!!!

  2. I want that bag!!

  3. Mary Poppins recycled

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