Two be Fouwah

By: pixbyshumbles

Nov 26 2011

Category: November 2011


It’s wild windy here on the bog today. And raining. But that’s not news. I don’t know if it’s because I had to switch on the lights at 12 o’clock and light the fire soon after but I am really sluggish today. I suppose I’d be more productive if I was given a slap with this big lump of wood I photographed yesterday! In Dublin (or maybe Meath) speak it would be referred to as a “Two be Fouwah”!

Ah Dublin, you can’t beat it for humour! Everyone rememembers the Anna Livia fountain being installed on O’Connell Street and within days its official name had been replaced with “The Hoor in the Sewer”. Similarly, when the Spire went up several years after the Millennium it was designed (and supposed to have been erected by) to celebrate, it was renamed “The Stilletto in the Ghetto”. I’m sure there’s plenty of others …

It doesn’t just extend to renaming public sites though, Dubliners have a unique way with words, injecting them full of drama. For example, a person who isn’t looking their best is “beat down” (pronounced bet), or if you’re hungry you’d “eat a horse’s arse through railings”. If something is banjaxed, it’s broken. When you’re given food or a drink you’re told to “Gerrit inta ya Cynthia”. To settle an argument retort with:  “And yer ma”.  

Right, I’m procrastinating now, I have a 300 page thesis to read and instead I’m musing on sayings. See yiz!


2 comments on “Two be Fouwah”

  1. not forgetting the beautiful bronze street statue at start of Grafton Street (Dublin’s fashionable thoroughfare) depicting Molly Malone and her barrow – locally renamed.. “the tart wid da cart”

    Or to celebrate?? the Millenium when the Dublin city fathers wasted ten of thousands of ‘punts (Irish currency) on a digital display clock placed under the Liffey at O’Connell Street Bridge – which in ‘no time at all’ (no pun intended) disappeared under tidal seaweed adn other fecal matter and soon renamed – “the Time in the Slime”… before it was removed and put into storage never to be seen again…

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