Rescue Me

By: pixbyshumbles

Nov 22 2011

Category: November 2011



The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity, some stress-inducing, some more pleasant. I literally haven’t had a moment to take any photos and update the blog, so apologies for that to my three or four followers (!). We had my dad’s 60th birthday party on Saturday night and it went really well I think, I was flying around trying to decorate the room with my best friend/slave/bridesmaid (and she thought the demands would end after the Shindig, mwahahhhah!) but I think we did a daycent job as they say. I was also on DJ duty which caused its own wee form of anxiety for me as I wasn’t fully able to keep an eye on that and speak to the guests.

Sunday, my laptop went into complete meltdown so we reformatted it and it’s still not right. Never mind, I have the Brazilian’s lovely little notebook … except it melted down last night as well so I lost (for two nailbiting hours) the four hours of work I’d saved on it. We finally recovered it and I got the file finished at 12am.

On top of that the brown bow-wow has developed an infection around the site of his operation so we had a dash to and from the vets, more drugs and I have to massage the lump twice a day. Let me tell you that had I not had this lovely little bottle of Rescue Remedy I’d have probably driven into a tree on the way home last night, such was my stress. It didn’t stop me dissolving into tears in front of the Brazilian and my friend last night during the two hour torture of disappearing work. I’ve been steadily necking out of the bottle all day today and will continue to do so until I feel human agian … or until the bottle runs out!

Oh, and Happy 60th Sergeant Pepper!


2 comments on “Rescue Me”

  1. Thank You all – I had a most memorable birthday party.. for all the right reasons.. and do appreciate all the effort that went into creating the event. As or the laptop / notebook meltdown… as I have said many times before – do not be hasty with re-formatting plans… give it to me – I can work (almost) miracles in 99% of situations.

    Sgt. Pepper

    • Well of course you are extremely welcome but I wasn’t happy with the music, my playlist went awry. I didn’t have time in the lead-up to get it sorted so I do apologise that it wasn’t the rocking evening I had planned in my head 🙂 We must do something with those posters though … ! And yes, you are the undisputed King of laptop meltdowns!

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