16th July

By: pixbyshumbles

Jul 17 2011

Category: July 2011

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I haven’t been online for a few days since our second shindig here in Brazil this day last week. A lot’s happened since then: our three day honeymoon in a secluded nature reserve which we had all to ourselves followed by some time with the Brazilian’s family near some hot springs. But some tragic news from home came on Wednesday that our beautiful girl Cari suffered a stroke at the age of six. Nothing could be done to help her so my poor parents had the unenviable decision to let her go. So, this photo is in honour of her memory. I’ve cried a river of tears since Wednesday and I think I’ll shed a few more when I get home to reality next week.


One comment on “16th July”

  1. Oh Sandra, so sorry to hear the news of beautiful Cari, I really can’t believe it. I have been following your picture trail of Brazil and picturing your enjoyment and then today to hear of your sadness. I am sending a huge hug now and will give you one in person when i see you soon. G

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